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Liz has been honing her creative skills since she was old enough to hold a crayon, thanks to her mom, Michele (an art teacher for 30+ years).  She began The Fuzzy Bunny in 2006 to create beautiful, practical, and sustainable items (soap and yarn!), inspired by her study of environmental law and sustainability in Vermont.  After years of selling online and at craft shows and a return to the Finger Lakes Region of New York where she grew up, she opened the Craft Lab in 2013 to mesh her creative interests with her desire to create a place for community members to connect.  


  Today, the The Fuzzy Bunny houses a space where creative folk gather and classes are taught; a shop full of yarn, art/craft supplies, and work from local artists and makers; and the studio, where soap, yarn, spinning fiber, and other products are made.  This space was designed for experimentation and play and to be inclusive of anyone interested in learning, no matter their skill level.  We hope you will stop by to find the perfect yarn, learn a new trick or two, and create your next masterpiece.

Liz has been a vegetarian since 2001 and that carries over into the business.  All personal care items are vegan and the shop is stocked with only vegetarian-friendly items (no leather, silk, etc.).  She loves to talk endlessly about making delicious plant-based food, so feel free to throw recipes her way.

Craft Lab storefront
handspinning in the shop
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