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Come see the work of our amazing local artists and craftspeople

In addition to The Fuzzy Bunny products, the shop is stocked with commercial yarn, fiber tools, general craft supplies, and locally made items.  The shop carries work from the following local artists and craftspeople:  

  • Baier Pottery

  • Judi Cermak

  • Clever Treadler

  • D.W. Woodworking

  • Fawnsberg

  • Michele Fernaays

  • Linda Finch

  • Flying Bucket Farm

  • Flying Dog Gardens Pottery

  • The Fuzzy Bunny

  • Gayle DiSisto

  • Dorothy Harrison

  • Hollow Hill Farm

  • JD Baby

  • Love Light Etc.

  • May and Birch

  • Nott Imported

  • Jeanette Owejan

  • Donna Patrick

  • Nancy Prowell

  • Kala Stein

  • Sharon Ward

  • Weaver's Pick

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